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TotalMotorhomeIreland are proud to announce that we are now an official member of Leave No Trace Ireland, we are the very first all Ireland Motorhome group to join forces with them, and our membership reaffirms our commitment to the Leave nothing but your footprints ethos.

"At the heart of Leave No Trace
are seven principles based on
an abiding respect for nature,
culture and people" 

As TMI has always promoted the "Leave only your footprints" to our members, we are proud to be a member of leave no trace Ireland

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Thank you to everyone who shares the word about TMI (TotalMotorhomeIreland) either directly or even indirectly, any publicity is good publicity,  Keep Sharing the word, All our meets are fully booked this year, but why not come along to one of our meets next year, We only hold 4 and each one is different to suit ALL members, Join the group and keep informed, 

Keep an eye out for our "Recommended By TotalMotorhomeIreland" logo, Only the select few get one of those,


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 In order to avail of the offers and discounts shown on this website you have to be a member, click here , and answer a few questions, if they are not answered your request is declined. We have all the benefits that you would have from being in a club, without the yearly membership fees.